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Early Reader Rhyming Riddles

Zoo Animals

Zoo Animals

Early Reader Rhyming Riddles’ rhyming and rhythmic approach boosts youngsters’ abilities to read while they learn about, recognize, and identify loveable animals. Zoo Animals interactively brings smiles to kids as they learn about the animals found at a zoo.

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Rhyming Riddles captivates young readers with colorful illustrations, fun challenges, interesting facts, and memorable rhymes. What better way to reinforce the reading skills of the little ones in your life than with simple rhymes that include repetitive phrases and colorful descriptions.

The Rhyming Riddler Series is enchanting as each animal challenges the young reader to guess who the animal is. For example, in the Zoo Animals, each animal asks, “Do you know me? Do you? Do you?” While hidden from view on the following page, each farmyard animal provides clues in rhyme …. ‘I have tusks, and I’m large and gray. I carry a trunk every day.”

Time and again, young readers smile as the zoo animal they have correctly guessed appears on the next page! And parents, teachers, and the adults in the child’s life smile, too, as they see their little one(s) proudly develop their reading skills and knowledge of all that lives. The Rhyming Riddler Series is a must-have for every youngster’s library. After all, reading rarely becomes fun unless it is introduced in an entertaining manner.

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