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Snow: The First White Christmas

“Snow is an incredible tale filled with amazement. E.W. Rhoades expertly crafts yet another children’s book that will be beloved for years to come.”

- The Lost Chapter, LLC

Snow: The First White Christmas

With a delicate weave of Christmas magic and lots of fun, the charm of Christmas is bound to be revived in this extraordinary story Snow: The First White Christmas. Katrin Budeeva's spectacular illustrations complement E.W. Rhodes' legendary tale thhat is packed with holiday dreams and sure to be loved by the whole family.

Snow 2


Snow, The First White Christmas, is set in an era when snow never fell on Christmas Day. In fact, snow never fell at all. Although, there was such a thing as Snow – an elf named Snow. And as one of Santa’s helpers, the elf named Snow wanted to do all possible to fully experience the joys that make Christmas. To do so, one year he poured all of his energy into assisting in the making of many, many toys in hopes that Santa would recognize and thus bring him along on the Christmas Eve toy delivering journey.

Snow’s hard work paid off. Santa, Mrs. Clause, and many of the elves indeed witnessed that Snow had worked more diligently than perhaps any elf had ever done. Inasmuch, Santa welcomed him to the Christmas Eve Journey. But a cost came with Snow’s hard work. The cost was exhaustion – exhaustion that would present an obstacle to Santa’s annual gift-giving escapade. Miracles often occur at Christmas time however, and this miracle would involve the elf named Snow in a manner that would change not only Christmas, but furthermore come to change the meaning of a winter wonderland.

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