Timeless Tales Press is pleased to open for business.

Updated: May 18

In many ways, the decision to open our doors was a no-brainer because we are rooted deep in our mission. The book industry is relatively economy proof – books yield relatively inexpensive entertainment, and the thirst for knowledge lives on regardless of worldly turmoil.

Thus, our wheels confidently begin to roll as we diligently move forward with our eyes open to potential obstacles. We embrace the objectives of delivering enjoyable children’s literature that teaches and reinforces meaningful life lessons in non-threatening ways. More specifically, we leave the school of hard knocks to the bound-to-happen real-world events and follow the fun-filled prose that leads to the same outcomes, less the bumps, and bruises.

The World Of Reading

We do this with the combined desire to wipe out illiteracy by bringing the young into the enchanting world of reading. To achieve our objectives, we strive to present our titles in diverse mediums with various price tags. In other words, we offer the more expensive hardcovers to the least expensive eBooks. Further, we will provide each of our titles in the read-a-long format on our YouTube Channel at no cost to the young reader. To be sure, we want everyone to enjoy our titles and are willing to do what we can so that that may occur as long as it is financially feasible.

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