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The Rhyming Tales of Mimi The Moon Princess: The Making of a Princess



There are many tales about the wonders that arise when children meet animals, but few rival the magic that sprouts when Mimi, a ten-tear-old girl and Chandra, an orphaned fawn

innocently stumble upon one another.


This is not a tale of one character rescuing another, but rather S.B. Christian and E.W. Rhodes weave a tale that ignores differences and unites a young girl and deer in a manner whereby together they accept the challenges that will better all children of the world. Helen Gottberg brings her artistic abilities to this effort, capturing the minds and hearts of every young reader and supplementing Christian and Rhodes magical rhyming words that invite all on a nightly journey to the moon.


The first in a series of rhyming tales, The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess: The Coming of a Princess, introduces a mystical story line that tenderly walks children through life lessons on a melodic path in a land of dreams. These tales are laced with colorful side stories that teach basic worldly phenomena and leave the young reader wanting more. To satisfy this desire, subsequent series storiesare on their way.

" I purchased this book on audible and can’t wait to share with my boys. The beautiful images that the authors words brought to my mind nearly brought me to tears. I felt like I was walking with little Mimi. The message is uplifting and empowering which is what our children need so desperately before they close their eyes at night. Well done!"

~ Amazon Review

"I loved the growth and beauty of this story and appreciated how the combination of uncertainty and mystery kept my fingers turning each page swiftly to discover what happens next. Anyone who reads this book will smile and remember the innocence they felt as a child and the brightened light of enjoyment of any young boy or girl who has the pleasure of hearing this timeless tale."

~Sammie - Amazon Review

“ To be honest, the rhyming was nothing like I thought it would be. It is beyond fantastic!! The story is wonderfully put together and the impact the illustrations make on the children is remarkable!”


The Rhyming Tales of Mimi The Moon Trailer - Book Trailer

The Rhyming Tales of Mimi The Moon Princess: A Dreamscape is Built

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