The Tale of Meadowbrook Hollow: Grandfather Rabbit's Scheme

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“The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow is a classic must read for children. The adventures of Alex and friends comes to life throughout the story. Their days are filled with mischievous fun on Groucher’s Farm." 

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"Despite being a story largely focused on rabbits and other animals, it is underpinned by a relatable and aspirational morality that we can all learn from. The story touches on themes that are universal in a way that makes them digestible for young readers.”



The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow, Grandfather Rabbit’s Scheme by E.W. Rhodes is noted to be written in the classic style – several editors commenting that it is reminiscent of some of Beatrix Potter’s works.


Rhodes’ timeless tale is carried to another level through Anastasia Khmelevska’s illustrative efforts as she colorfully captures the fast-paced journey through one of Meadowbrook Hollow’s heart-felt life lessons.


This is a story of Alex Ponders, a kind-hearted young rabbit who befriends Myra, an older hen who saves his life. Learning that Myra, too faces a troublesome challenge, Alex frantically searches for a solution. It is his wise grandfather that develops a scheme that not only resolves a dilemma at Meadowbrook Hollow, but reshapes the Celebration of Easter for many world-wide.


The Tale of Meadowbrook Hollow: A Bushberry in the Garden

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