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Teaming with Educators

Learning Center

Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and
everything about anything. —T dePaola

That being said, we are teaming with teachers and parents to ensure that every child is provided the gift of literacy.



Recognizing that the love for books begins when one is a toddler, we offer video versions of our books in storytime format for the young, read along versions for the beginning and ESL readers, flipbook versions for the more advanced readers, and with an array of integrated and companion activities for all.


Educators and Parents are finding our complimentary materials to be Great for Classrooms, ESL Programs, Homeschools


Anywhere That Encouraging Childhood Literacy is Paramount.

We are aggressively growing our current offerings that include a fun-filled riddle series about a variety of animals, contemporarybooks centered on lovable characters with heart-felt messages, and retold classics  that are shaped to be appropriate in the modern day. Our aim is to offer a feature book each week of the school year to supplement Pre-K through Fourth Grade curriculum all at no cost to the teacher, family or student.

Please peruse our offerings and register with us as we would love to team with you to encourage and facilitate childhood literacy.

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