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We are an upstart Children’s Book Publisher who strives to deliver literature for kids that draws upon attractive illustrations, engaging storylines, and meaningful life lessons. We want reading to be fun for kids and families alike. This approach hinges both on the timeless significance of family bonds and the disheartening understanding that literacy too often prevails when children do not become engaged readers. With a sprinkle of humor, fast-paced prose, and thoughtfully developed characters, our books emerge as dear members of many families.


Who could turn their back on a ten-year-old girl who befriends a deer, who leads her to the moon as in The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess? Who
wouldn’t warm to The Tales of Meadowbrook Hollow and its quirky groundhog who prides himself on being a Season Forecaster?


Who wouldn’t be enchanted with an old rabbit who devises a plan that brings a new and heartfelt meaning to Easter as occurs in Grandfather Rabbit’s Scheme? Timeless Tales Press’s books are fun, relay meaningful life lessons, and promote literacy. We welcome all on our journey.



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E.W Rhodes

E.W. Rhodes grew up in a small Northeastern town that is nestled between two mountain ranges. This setting provided him with a natural playground comprised of lakes, woodlands, rolling meadows, and anabundance of wildlife.

Besides nature's influence, Rhodes also enjoyed travels that led throughout the U.S. and Europe, leading him to understand that all animal life (including humans) share similarities that are often ignored, yet equally allows for uniqueness.

He brings this notion into his artistically illustrated children's books. Rhodes still lives in the Northeast, where he enjoys the wonders of nature and interactions with humankind that often find their way in some form within his children's books.


Bryony van der Merwe

Bryony van der Merwe is a Namibian publisher and writer and creative consultant for Timeless Tales Press. As a woman of words, she is passionate about reading, writing, and publishing great books.

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S.B Christian

S.B. Christian is a digital storyteller born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, home to Yale University, a town filled with rich cultural heritage, museums, theatres, and music festivals. She loves to travel and has been richly inspired by places such as the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Thailand, Ghana, Bali, and Malaysia.

These experiences cultivate her intuitive storytelling nature which has recently extended into the children book arena – where she inspires children to reach for the moon.

She loves learning about different cultures and finding beauty in what makes our world so unique. When she's not exploring, she is reading a good book (with tea in hand, of course), trying new restaurants, or watching a good Fantasy/Adventure film.




Katrin Budeeva

Katrin Budeeva’s artistic style is mainly realistic with a touch of whimsy so she frequently adds quirky attributes to a realistic vision. In her creative process, she tends to favor both watercolor and pencil art. It is evidenced in her work that she is very diverse and happily works with any kind of story, setting, or character. Her classic approach is a perfect fit for the magical Christmas Tale ~ Snow, The First White Christmas!

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Helen Gottberg’s

The lively nightlife and cultural scenes of Merida, Venzuela in many ways are the stimuli that propel Helen Gottberg’s overwhelming artistic talent. This coupled with being nestled in the magnificent Andes mountains further broadens her exposure and thus inspiration that blossoms in her creativity. Beyond Helen’s environmental exposure, it is evident in her artwork that she brings a dimension of love and passion into each and every one of her creations. And, her creations span a broad range. In her own words, “I can paint for you an illustration with any style of painting you could wish for, from the most adorable to the darkest or from the simplest to the most detailed.” She truly adds a unique dimension to the series, The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess.

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Anastasia Khmelevska

Anastasia Khmelevska’s inspiration largely sprouted from her native roots in culturally and architecturally rich home city of Lviv, Ukraine. Her everyday life in this European wonderland exposed her to everyday life that would emerge and be reflected in the magic and marvel her captivating art style.  As an aficionada of both traditional watercolor painting and digital art, Anastasia’s vast experience provides her the unique ability to shape magical scenes, adorable characters, breathtaking landscapes, and almost anything that tugs at her heart. When not lost in her magnificent artwork, Anastasia may be found playing the guitar, buried deep in a good book, or at home fighting post-apocalyptic monsters from her video game collections.

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